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5/5 september- october

Indian Journal of Research Anvikshiki - Science

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The Indian Journal of Research


Volume 5 Number 5 September 2011

Science Special



Study on microalbuminuria and its association with cardiovascular complications in patients of type 2 diabetes mellitus. 1-5

Dayanand Paswan and R. B. Thakur


Axially Symmetric Forces and Crystal Dynamics of Noble Metals Cu, Ag and Au 6-12

Sita Ram Bahadur Thapa


Polymerase Chain Reaction 13-26

Ghanashyam Mahato


Axially Symmetric Forces and Crystal Dynamics of Transition Metals, Pd, Th and Ni 27-32

S.R.B. Thapa


Analytical Study of Atmosphere Climate and Weather 33-36

Uttim Lal Shau


Modeling in Plant Breeding 37-42

Anand Kaushal


Mechanism of Biological Nitrogen Fixation 43-48

Ghanashyam Mahato


Effect of Radio Frequency Electromagnetic Fields Emitted By Mobile Phone and Cellular Phone

Base Station on Human Health 49-53

H.D. Khanna and Rajendra Kumar Joshi


Innovative and Integrative Supply Chain Management : A System Dynamics Approach 54-61

Rajesh Singh and S.K.Sharma


Functional Analysis of Neurophysiological Data 62-63

Daya Shankar Pratap



A Study of Attitude of Senior Secondary Students of Ambala towards Physics based on Magnetism 64-68

Radha Raman Suri


Study of Density in Probablity Conditions 69-71

Daya Shankar Pratap


Synthesis of Two Potentially Heptadentate (N4O3) Schiff-base Ligands Derived from Condensation of Tris (3-aminopropyl)-Amine

and Salicylaldehyde or 4-Hydroxysalicylaldehyde. Nickel(II) and Copper(II) Complexes of the Former Ligand. 72-75

Anjani Kr. Choudhary


Probablity Theory and its Application 76-79

Daya shankar pratap


Complexation of Ni(II), Cu(II) with Pyridoxal analog Schiff base 80-84

Somnath Jha


Synthesis anti Catalytic Activity of Two New Cyclic Tetraaza Ligands 85-89

Anjani Kr. Choudhary


Stress and its Impact on Mental Health: An Appraisal 90-95

Suneeta Yadav


Gender and Habitat Differences on Mental Health Among Adolescents 96-100



Nutritive Function’s of the Popular and Prevalent Food Stuffs in India 101-103

Aparna Kumari


Demographic Variations in Health Consciousness and Practices 104-106

Dr. Umesh Kumar Jha


The Most Vibrant and Nutritious Diet- Bread 107-109

Aprana Kumari




PRINT ISSN 0973-9777,WEBSITE ISSN 0973-9777





The Indian Journal of Research

Bi-Monthly International Journal of All Research


Editor in Chief

Dr. Maneesha Shukla,


Review Editors

Prof. H. D. Khanna,Head Department of Biophysics,Institute of Medical Sciences Banaras Hindu University,Varanasi U.P. India

Ranjana S. Khanna,Department of Chemistry,Faculty of Science,Banaras Hindu University,Varanasi U.P. India



Dr. Mahendra Shukla, Dr. Anshumala Mishra


Editorial Board

Dr. Anshuman Trigunayat, Dr. S. P. Upadhyay, Dr. Anita Singh, Dr. Rajesh Nigam, Dr. Prabha Dixit, Dr. Madhavi Shukla,

Dr. Viveka Pandey, Dr. Khagesh Kumar Singh, Dr. A. K. Thakur, Preydarshy Manoj Kr. Singh, Faiyaz Ahmad,

Avanish Shukla, Vijaylaxmi, Kavita, Rashmi Tripathi.


International Advisory Board

Dr. Javad Khalatbari (Tonekabon, Iran.), Dr. Shohreh Ghorbanshiroudi (Tonekabon, Iran.), Mohammad Mojtaba Keikhayfarzaneh

(Zahedan, Iran.), Saeedeh Motamed (Tonekabon, Iran.), Majid Karimzadeh (Iran), Phra Boonserm Sritha (Thailand),

Rev.Dodamgoda Sumanasara (Kalutara South),Ven.Kendagalle Sumanaransi Thero (Srilanka), Phra Chutidech Sansombat

(Bangkok,Thailand),Rev. T. Dhammaratana (Srilanka),P. Treerachi Sodama (Thailand), Sita Ram Bahadur Thapa (Nepal)



Maheshwar Shukla,


Abstracts and Indexing

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and Phone Reviews, ,,,Dunia Ebook Gratis, ,, ,, Website : Banarasi

Das Index,Varanasi, Motilal Banarasi Das Index,Delhi. Banaras Hindu University Journal Index,Varanasi.,

D.K.Publication Index, Delhi. National Institute of Science Communication and Information Resources Index, New Delhi.



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Advertising & Appeal

Inquiries about advertising should be sent to editor’s address. Anvikshiki is a self financed Journal and support through any kind or

cash shall be highly appreciated. Membership or subscription fees may be submitted via demand draft in faver of Dr. Maneesha Shukla

and should be sent at the address given below. Sbi core banking cheques will also be accepted.


All correspondence related to the Journal should be addressed to

B.32/16 A., Flat No.2/1,Gopalkunj,Nariya,Lanka, Varanasi, U.P.,India

Mobile : 09935784387,Tel.0542-2310539.,e-mail :,

Office Time : 3-5 P.M.(Sunday off)


Journal set by

Maheshwar Shukla,





Printed by

mpasvo Press

Maneesha Publication

( Letter No.V-34564,Reg.533/2007-2008)



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