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Volume 11 number 1,2&3 , 2017

Indian Journal of Research Anvikshiki - English

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A Study on Completeness Axiom In IR

Manoj Kr. Agnihotri

Analysing Long term Solvency of Major Fmcg Companies in India: A Case Study Of I.T.C. And HUL

Dr. Vineet Singh

E-commerce in Agri-business in India: A Tool for Holistic Economic Growth

Anuj Gupta

A Productivity Analysis of State Bank of India

Dr. G P Sharma and Harsha Sharma

Automobile Industry & Fdi in India: A Correlational Profile

Aviral Mishra

Incidence of Teak Seedling Mortality Due to White Grubs in Different Agro-climate Zones in Madhya Pradesh

Mansoor Ahmad and Nitin Kulkarni

Stream of Consciousness in James Joyce’s Ulysses

Prateek Kr Srivastava

Job Oriented Education: Challenges and Remedies

Dr. Sheela Rani Yadav

A Realistic View Of Bluntschli’sromantic Disposition In Shaw’s Arms And The Man Prateek Srivastava

Indian Renaissance and Mahamana

Dr. Mamta Bhatnagar

Democracy And Madhesi Movement In Nepal

Dr. Vijaya Tiwari

Constructivism In Classroom

Dr Bindu Dua

Educational Perspectives of Bhutia Tribe of Sikkim: An Analysis

Kunzang Peden Bhutia and Dr. Subhash Misra

Globalization and Higher Education : Challenges and Opportunities

Neetu Pal

Improvement in Counseling Characteristics Among Adolescent’s Parents and Teachers

Shweta Agarwal

Higher Education in India- an Analysis

Dr Arun Kant Gautam and Dr Priyanka Sharma

The changing marketing strategy, Accessibility, Segmentation, Characteristics and its Competitive

Structure in the world of business

Dr.Yogesh Mishra

Listing of Securities at National Stock Exchange of India

Dr Arun Kant Gautam and Dr Priyanka Sharma

Production of Hydrogen from the Pyrolysis of Biomass

Akanksha Pathak

Exploring Issues Related to Mobile Friendly Features in Design,Choice and Flexibility of Enterprise Resource Planning Systems

and Their Utility on Mobile Phones

Uttkrishti Singh

Use of Catalysis process in chemical reaction

Akanksha Pathak

Socio-religious and Economic Background of Indian Renaissance

Dr. Vijay Kumar Khare

Intact bridge mastoidectomy, a versatile single stage surgical method for chronic suppurative otitis media

MK Gupta, MK Agarwal and Ganesh Kumar

A Discussion upon the notion of Bildungsroman in Carol Lazzaro Weis’s Essay – ‘The Female Bildungsroman: Calling It into


Isha Singh

Dimensions of Swami Dayanand’s Religious Thoughts

Dr. Vijay Kumar Khare

Analysing the mechanics and strength of the material

Dr. Kamal Kishore Pathak

Health Related Quality of Life in Peri-menopausal age group: An Overview of Ayurveda

Deepti Singh

Importance of Engineering drawing or Machine Drawing in Mechanical Field

Dr. Kamal Kishore Pathak

Study on usage of Pesticides, it’s need and effect on environment, specially on Aquatic life

Dr. Nutan Sharma


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