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6/2 march april 2012

Indian Journal of Research Anvikshiki - English

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The Indian Journal of Research

Bi-Monthly International Journal of All Research


Editor in Chief

Dr. Maneesha Shukla,


Review Editors

Dr. Nagendra Narayan Mishra,Allahabad University,Allahabad U.P. India

Dr. Jayshankar Jha,Banaras Hindu University,Varanasi U.P. India



Dr. Mahendra Shukla, Dr. Anshumala Mishra


Editorial Board

Dr. Anita Singh, Dr. Anshuman Trigunayat, Dr. Bhavna Gupta, Dr. Madhavi Shukla, Dr. S. M. Shukla, Dr. Pravesh Bharadwaj,

Dr. Reena Chaterjee, Dr. Madhu Parashar, Dr. Pragya Srivastava, Dr. Prabha Dixit, Dr. Anup Datt Sharma, Dr. Nupur Srivastava,

Dr. Anurag Srivastava, Dr. Padmini Ravindra Nath, Dr. Chitra Singh Tomar, Manoj Kumar Singh, Archana Rani, Avanish Shukla,

Vijaylaxmi, Kavita, Rashmi Tripathi, Jyoti Prakash.


International Advisory Board

Phra Boonserm Sritha (Thailand), Rev.Dodamgoda Sumanasara (Kalutara South), Ven.Kendagalle Sumanaransi Thero (Srilanka)

Phra Chutidech Sansombat (Bangkok,Thailand), Rev. T. Dhammaratana (Srilanka), P. Treerachi Sodama (Thailand),

Dr. Sitaram Bahadur Thapa (Nepal), Mohammad Sourizaei (Zabol,Iran), Dr. Ahmad Reza Keikhay Farzaneh (Zahedan,Iran),

Mohammad Zarei (Zahedan,Iran), Mohammad Mojtaba Keikhayfarzaneh (Zahedan,Iran), Dr. Hossain Jenaabadi (Zahedan,Iran),

Mohammad Javad Keykha Farzaneh (Zabol,Iran)



Maheshwar Shukla,


Abstracts and Indexing

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Resources Index, New Delhi.



Anvikshiki,The Indian Journal of Research is Published every two months (January,March,May,July,September and November) by

mpasvo Press,Varanasi.u.p.India. A Subscription to The Indian Journal of Research : Anvikshiki Comprises 6 Issues in Hindi and

6 in English and 3 Extra Issues. Prices include Postage by Surface mail,or For Subscription in the India by Speed Post.

Airmail rates are also available on request. Annual Subscriptions Rates (Volume 3,6 Issues in Hindi,6 Issues in English and

6 Issues of science 2012):



Institutional : Inland 4,000 +500 Rs. P.C., Single 500+51 Rs.P.C.,Overseas 6000+2000Rs. P.C., Single 1000+500 Rs.P. C.

Personal : 2,500+500 Rs. P.C., Single 500+51 Rs. P.C., Overseas 5000+2000Rs.P.C., Single 1000+500Rs. P.C.




Advertising & Appeal

Inquiries about advertising should be sent to editor’s address. Anvikshiki is a self financed Journal and support through any kind or

cash shall be highly appreciated. Membership or subscription fees may be submitted via demand draft in favour of Dr. Maneesha

Shukla and should be sent at the address given below. Sbi core banking cheques will also be accepted.


All correspondence related to the Journal should be addressed to

B.32/16 A., Flat No.2/1,Gopalkunj,Nariya,Lanka, Varanasi, U.P.,India

Mobile : 09935784387,Tel.0542-2310539.,e-mail :,

Office meeting Time : 3-5 P.M.(Sunday off)


Journal set by

Maheshwar Shukla,



Printed by

mpasvo Press


Maneesha Publication

( Letter No.V-34564,Reg.533/2007-2008)





The Indian Journal of Research

Volume 6 Number 2 March 2012



Women Empowerment and Economic Development 1-2

Dr. Vinod Kr. Mishra


Marcel Proust and “ A La Recherche Du Temps Perdu” 3-7

Dr.Maryam Khalili Jahantigh and Dr.Mohammad Barani


Training is An Indespensibility for A System’s Upward March. 8-10

Prof A.d Sharma and Ritu Gupta


Human Development Situation in Uttar Pradesh 11-18

Faraz Ahmad and Prof. Nighat Ahmad


Decision Making and Business Management 19-24

Dr. Arup Dutta Sharma and Shailendra Kumar Tewari


Training is An Indespensability For A System’s Upward March. 25-27

Prof. A.D Sharma and Ritu Gupta


A Manager: Good or Bad

An Analytical Study of Expectations and Characteristics 28-33

Dr. A.d. Sharma and Shailendra Kumar Tewari


Philosophical Thoughts in Yeats,S Poetry 34-35

Dr. Deepty Pandey


A Microscopic Observation of the Texts of the Postcolonial Countries and the Decolonization of the Stage 36-39

Dhananjoy Garai


Markandaya - A Writer of Urban Area 40-43

Dr. Deepty Pandey


The Decentred Condition of the Theatrical Stage of Girish Karnad 44-45

Dhananjoy Garai


Legislation 46-47

Dr. Aradhana


A Study on Job Satisfaction of Secondary School Teachers in Raibareli District inRelation to their Sex and Nature of Posting 48-54

Brajesh Kumar


Attitude of Secondary School Teachers of Ambala Towards Use of Pedagogical 55-58

Instructions in Teaching English Language in the Modern Age

Deepak Sharma


Impact of Education on the Empowerment of Women Especially Living in Urban Slums or Rural Areas 59-62

Dr. Chitra Singh Tomar


Escape From Environmental Pollution 63-65

Narendra Kumar Chaurasia


The Role of Education in Nation Building 66-71

Uma Tripathi


Tobacco A Slow Poison 72-73

Narendra Kumar Chaurasia


PRINT ISSN 0973-9777,WEBSITE ISSN 0973-9777



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